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Upcoming Events...

Berryville Roller Rink Upcoming Events..


January 18, 2002


7pm Friday until 7am Saturday

$20 admission



  What's a Lock-in?  First, we get about 50 to 100 screaming kids at peak "hyper hours"! Then, we lock them inside the Berryville Roller Rink from 7:30pm on Friday until Saturday morning @ 7am. We have tons of things to keep em entertained! We have couples skates, speed skates, defined age skates, and backwards skates. There are also games.. roller hockey, the limbo, 4 corners, the wheel game, and more. Skaters get to enjoy arcade games, internet chat, and concessions that are on sale for the entire night. Shortly before midnight, our guests will have an opportunity to order pizza or Chinese food. The Berryville roller rink also offers the latest music in various styles. But most importantly, we have the largest disco ball in Clarke County with laser lights, and a smoke machine. We have many guests come to our fun-filled lock-ins.. children from 8 and 9 years to adults. So come and join the fun..


Berryville Sport & Fitness

Hours of Operation:

Hours- 5:30am until 9pm Monday- Friday

8am until 4pm Saturdays

10am until 3pm Sundays